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Grab the Same Emails We Use In All Of Our Real Estate Sales Funnels
Copy and paste (then rewrite) the exact emails we use for all our real estate sales funnels AFTER someone subscribes to your email list.
Here's what you'll get:

Copy and paste (then rewrite) these five highly successful emails.  They were professionally written by a well known copyrighter to strategically move a prospective client through the sales funnel. Download them now and use them within minutes and save yourself a lot of time and frustration by not having to write and edit your own. Click on the orange "Get 4 Free Emails" button below.

  • Email #1 - Introduction - This email is designed to introduce your new subscriber into your brand as well as to deliver your lead magnet.
  • Email #2 - The One Ugly Truth Email - Most agents sell too quickly to their new subscribers. The One Ugly Truth Email will show you a better approach that will lead to more appointments and sales in the future.
  • Email #3 - The Story - Everybody loves a good story!  We use this email to introduce our first services in a way that is relatable, easy to understand and definitely NOT "salesy". 
  • Email #4 - 24 Hours Left -  If someone hasn't reached out to us up until now, we use this email to add a little scarcity to the offering. It's like "a gentle nudge" to get someone's attention, a "take away" if you will.
  • Email #5 - The I’m Taking The Hint Email - They missed the deadline and haven't responded to your incredible offer.  This follow up email makes it seem as though you are giving up, but magically turns your reader around to get them to follow you even more.
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