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HEAD'S UP: While You're Waiting for Your Download, Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer!
HEAD'S UP: While You're Waiting for Your Download, Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer!
"Design a Simple, Set & Forget Real Estate Client Magnet Sales Funnel That Puts Your Business On Autopilot Using Facebook Advertising!"
Just follow along with this step-by-step video training course...
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Fabulous Course!

Fantastic course and cannot thank you enough for the fabulous content offering. So I am a firm believer in funnels and FB advertising and am actually completing YOUR RCMAGNET 1200 to assist my husband, a RE Broker with over 18 years of experience here in Orange County, CA…

Since I am doing this for my husband and not being a RE Agent myself, it makes it easier having a tested and proven template to go off -cannot thank you enough!  - Maria Q.
  • Lesson #1 - How to Properly Set Up Your Facebook Page So That Leads Flow Into Your Real Estate Sales Funnel Easily Even if You've Tried Setting One Up Yourself and Failed                                                                             
    Your Facebook page, will become the base from which you build your direct response campaigns to generate buyer and seller leads. This is the first step in building your automated real estate sales funnel. Most real estate agents have a poorly designed Facebook design and as a result receive very poor engagement. We're going to fix that. How?

    We will do a deep dive immersion training so you can make the necessary tweaks on the seven most important issues about your page: 1) your header 2) your profile photo 3) your "about" section 4) your posts 5) use of videos 6) your page name 7) analytics. Get it wrong and your page will be invisible. Get it right and you will have a never ending source of leads coming into your sales funnel twenty-four-seven-three-sixty-five. Huh? A lot of leads, automatically coming in whether you are working, playing or sleeping.
  • Lesson #2 - How to Manufacture"Lead Magnets" That Attract Hyper-Engaged Buyer or Seller Prospects
    This is the second step in the sales funnel. In this lesson I'll give you examples of some awesome lead magnets that attract prospects like honey attracts bees. 

    Plus watch as 
    I show you how to create them from the materials you already have and how you can create them in under 15 minutes.
  • Lesson #3 - How to Set Up Your Landing Page to Get Clients Rolling Into Your Sales Funnel
    Step #3, I will take you behind the scenes to show you the key components of a high-conversion landing page. We'll take a look at the bad and then peal back the layers to show you what works like crazy.

    Plus look over my shoulder as I actually build a landing page from scratch using my step-by-step construction process.

    IMPORTANT: there's a reason why keeping your landing page simple works, so make sure you follow along closely.

    SPECIAL BONUS: I am giving you a downloadable video script you can use to record your message for a video landing page. All you have to do is read the script and record using your smartphone. I will show you how its done.
  • Lesson #4 - How to Set Up Your Lead Capture System and Integrate Your Email Sequence That Gets Your Prospects Wanting To Schedule An Appointment With You
    Step #4, We build our Lead Capture System. After someone joins your email list, the next step is to pitch them to schedule an appointment with you. We do this through a proven, 5-part email sequence and yes this comes with a downloadable PDF, so you can plug and play on your own.

    Plus, watch as I show you behind the scenes of how I put together this entire email sequence.

    IMPORTANT: there's a reason why these 5 very specific emails work, so make sure you follow along closely!
  • Lesson #5 - 3 Killer Facebook Ad Strategies to Send a Rush of Pre-Qualified Prospects to Your Landing Page for Less Than $5 Per Day
    Step #5: Your funnel is all set up at this point, so now its time to open the floodgates and drive traffic to your landing page. I will show you 3 killer Facebook Ad strategies to get pre-qualified prospects flying to your page. And yes, we will look at retargeting.

    Plus, not only will I show you how to set up your ads but I will show you what to say, what NOT to say, and so much more so you pull in tons of new leads.

    IMPORTANT: there's a reason why we use your Facebook page as a base of operation. Pay close attention so you don't waste your advertising dollars.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: I am going to give you a PDF download of TOP 50 POWER WORDS THAT SELL. Make use of these powerful words in your speech and in your ad copy to inspire more interest in your prospect.
  • Bonus #1: You Get a 30 minute Rapid Fire Coaching Session With Me Via Phone or Skype
    I have an automated pre-prep system so you and I can dive in immediately on our call and solve your biggest issues pronto.
  • Bonus #2: You'll Get Access to My Private RCMagnet 1200 Facebook Group
    I will answer questions for the group using the RCMagnet 1200 Facebook Group. In here you can gather with other real estate professionals to collaborate and exchange ideas for new client generation too.
Most importantly, I show you how to do all of this without feeling overwhelmed or stuck.
All right now, all for less than $100
Don't Waste Valuable Time by Trying to Figure it All Out Without This Step-by-Step Real Estate Sales Funnel Action Plan!

You're getting proven, easy to implement step-by-step strategies to have fresh leads coming into your sales funnel 24/7 on autopilot.

Okay, take a deep breath because relief is just a click away!


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